Name: _______________________________________________________________________________     Date: _________________________________________________   


Address: ______________________________________________________________________    City: ______________________________________    State/Zip: ________________________   

Phone: _________________________________________________________________   


Eng. Make/Model: _____________________________ Year:  __________________  Make: __________________ Length: __________  Circle One:  I/O     O/B     I/B      


Key Location: ____________________   Boat Location: ____________________    


BOTTOM PAINT (includes parts and labor)

Up to 25'                                                 $11/ft   X _____=$  _______________

26' and up                                              $12/ft   X _____=$ _______________ 

Travel Lift services to lift off trailer    $1/ft     X _____=$ _______________ 

Remove and dispose of Shrinkwrap  $2/ft    X _____=$ _______________ 

LOWER UNIT (parts and materials not included)

Drain and refill gear lube (lube included)               $125/hr  

Pressure and Vacuum test seals                              $125/hr    

I/O Replace Water Pump                                           $125/hr    

O/B Replace Water Pump                                         $125/hr    

Remove and Replace Zincs                                       $125/hr    


ENGINES (parts and materials not included)

De-Winterize engine and general check                 $225/ea    

Compression ans Spark Test                                    $125/hr   

Replace Fuel Water Separator                                 $125/hr    

I/O or O/B oil and filter change                               $125/hr    

I/O or O/B Replace Thermostat                               $125/hr    

VST filter change                                                        $125/hr   



Tune up includes replace spark plugs, clean with Engine tuner (2-stroke), de-winterize, replace zincs, general check.

Parts and materials not included.  EFI engines extra.              $125/hr



De-Winterize & Inspect Washdown Systems        $125/hr    

De-Winterize & Inspect A/C                                     $125/hr    

Inspect & Test Electrical Unit                                   $125/hr  

Grease & service steering system                          $125/hr    

Trailer storage (April 15 thru Nov 15)                     $100    

Powerwashing (rub rail down)                                 $3/ft    X _____=$ _______________ 



Full Detail                                                                    $22/ft   X _____=$ _______________ 

Compound and Wax Hull                                         $22/ft   X _____=$ _______________ 

Other Services requested                                        $125/hr  

Fiberglass repairs (per estimate)    











1.  Prices apply only if paid in full up front or at time of service completion.  I am aware that all charges must be paid before

the boat is launched or leaves the marina.

2.  I understand that if I have questions regarding services of fees, I will call for clarification.  I waive my right to a written

estimate which I am entitled to under the New Jersey Fair Water Act.

3.  I understand that this Spring Service Request will become a Skinner's Marina standard work order, as required by the State 

of New Jersey under the provisions of the Fair Water Act.

4.  I agree to carry full liability and physical damage insurance on my vessel while it is stored for service at Skinner's Marina.




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